How to talk about your life’s goals

Today’s Brief is inspired by Seth Godin’s blog entitled How to talk about your project. We’ve taken the liberty of broadening Seth’s focus from project to “life goals.” Like Seth encourages his readers to look beyond marketing, we encourage you to think big picture, of purpose, life goals, and how you communicate them ‘strategically, to yourself, your partners, your coaches and your investors (yes you have investors).’

What’s your life for? What do you want to accomplish with the time you have remaining? What are you here to do?

Who (or what) are you trying to change through your life’s goals? From what to what?

How will you know if it’s working?

What or who does it remind you of? Are there parallels, similar life goals like these that have come before?

What’s the difficult part?

How much of your time and focus are you spending on the difficult part?

What part that isn’t under your control has to happen for this to work?

How much (time and money) is it going to take to find out for you to have confidence in this working out?

What assets do you already own that you’ll be able to leverage?

What assets do you need to acquire?

From which people will you need help? Do they have a track record of helping people like you?

Is it worth it?

As successful life planning experts, we are delighted to engage in a conversation about all of these questions. If you’re hiding from them, it’s time to find out why.