We help you make great decisions. Plain and simple. Interested?


We engage in thoughtful, comprehensive financial planning, identifying the steps you need to take to reach your financial goals in ways that align with your values.


We employ an intelligent, efficient investment process, controlling what we can control: costs, taxes, market underperformance and emotional mistakes.


The decisions you may make only once are decisions we help our clients with every day. As your financial advocates we’ll use our 80+ years of cumulative experience to guide you through any opportunity or challenge that presents itself.

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Our Home

We are an SEC registered investment advisory firm located in beautiful Raleigh, NC in an early 20th century house we renovated in the spring of 2017. We feel it's an inviting setting for meaningful conversations about financial life plans. Click below to read more about the Beacon Philosophy.

Who Are Our Ideal Clients?

Our ideal client desires a purposeful process of planning and decision-making that honors their values and preferences. Curious? Click below to read more.