Which of the following do you believe is the most important aspect of ensuring the quality of your financial future?

A. Saving diligently B. Working longer D. Achieving better-than-market returns E. Designing an efficient well-allocated portfolio F. Excellent financial planning G. Winning the lottery H. None of the above

Just this week I received three invitations to steak dinners at Ruth's Chris and Sullivan's in Raleigh, promising all the information I would need for a happy retirement. Not surprisingly, they all came from local companies we know as annuity sellers. One of the invitations came from an agent who has a local radio show who unashamedly calls himself a fiduciary. Why the regulators allow this guy to imply he has no fiduciary conflicts of interest when he sells annuity products with compensation ranges anywhere from 1% to 7% as well as incentive trips and other perks is beyond me.