Here’s to a Happy and Peaceful New Year

This time of the year most of us reflect on our accomplishments and mistakes throughout year.  Hopefully we learn from them and grow in wisdom.  We remember our countless blessings while we lament our troubles and the pain of those around us. 

The year 2004 was fraught with pain and suffering throughout the globe; from natural causes to those we inflict on one another.  Sadly, through much of it, the national and global sense of goodwill, such as that following the September 2001 attacks was lacking.  It is our hope that the catastrophic destruction of life caused by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Asia will more closely unite a deeply divided and distrustful world as countries come together to help in many ways.

As for our part looking ahead, we see numerous opportunities as well as pitfalls for investors.  We have learned much in the past several years about finding valuable opportunities throughout the world and just as importantly, preserving the wealth previously achieved.  We will share our ideas and strategies in the coming weeks.

For now, from Patty and me, here’s hoping you and yours have a truly wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration.  As we plan our resolutions may we all include a commitment to work for peace and understanding with our neighbors and with the larger world community.