The US stock market as measured by the MSCI US Broad Market Index is up 2.4% for the week. The S&P is up the same and the Dow is up 2.3%. Various economic reports released this week proved considerably stronger than expected, boosting the outlook for stocks. Wednesday was a particularly good day, when it was reported that private employers added more jobs in November than previous months and the Fed’s Beige Book report of regional economies concluded that “the economy continued to improve, on balance” from early October to mid-November. Today’s jump in the unemployment rate so far, has not stemmed the advance. 

The oil bulls stampeded last night and the herd is growing. Crude rose more than $8 per barrel on a Morgan Stanley report that Asia is taking an unprecedented share of Middle Eastern exports. The report said that oil could reach $150 per barrel within the month. Almost on cue, Nigerian workers threaten to strike if Chevron fails to meet its demands.