45: Seachange

With today’s presidential inauguration, we embark on a social, political, market, and economic journey arguably unlike any we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes or in the history of this country. The degree of disappointment and hurt on one side is balanced by joy and hope on the other. We will likely see and hear equal amounts of both for weeks and months time to come.

What is absolutely certain is that big changes are headed our way which will impact virtually every aspect of our lives, many in significant ways. Planning has never been more important – not because the future is more certain, but because it is decidedly less so.

We are here to help you and your family navigate the changes ahead, avoiding the snares and making the most of the opportunities. But it will not happen without regular meetings and conversations to reevaluate assumptions and goals within a rapidly changing tax, regulatory, and economic climate.

Change uncovers opportunities. Let us help you make the most of them.