Your Declaration of Independence


Some 241 years ago the United States of America became a sovereign nation simply by declaring it, knowing all too well that the prospect of actually winning it against the will of the most powerful nation in the world was smaller than scant. The men who signed that declaration knew quite well that they would be hanged for treason if the Continental Army and Navy failed to defend their new country’s declaration of independent sovereignty.

Unmitigated audacity against all odds – that’s what July 4th represents in this country. What if we were to honor our bold forefathers and mothers by showing some of that same American moxie? What in your life would you most like to be free from?

Brightly colorful fireworks in the night skyAre you tied to a job or a career that drains rather than inspires you? Do you feel enslaved by debts or committed expenses? Do you worry about what’s around the corner for the market, or whether you’ve saved enough for retirement, or educating the kids? Alternatively, if you have plenty, do you find that overseeing it consumes more of your lifestyle than you would like?

Whatever your financial entanglement, consider declaring your own independence from it this July 4th. Just like our forefathers did, declare it, commit all your resources to it, and persevere to its successful conclusion. You can win it, even against very long odds. We will join you in the campaign and fight right alongside you to victory.

Happy July 4th.

Geoff Hall, CFP®
[email protected]

My wife, Crystal, and I have been married for 11 years and have two kids, Cooper (10) and Rhodes (8.) When I’m not spending time with them you might find me downtown serving at our church, pushing my limits during a mountain bike ride or having coffee with a friend in the Five Points area. I've been a financial advisor for 29 years and I'm thankful for the privilege of shepherding my family of clients through the ups and down of the markets, and of life for that matter.