Two Things: “Thank You” and Haiku

circle-of-gratitude (1)
Sketch by Carl Richards of Behavior Gap

We have so much to be thankful for here at Beacon, and in the very center of that sense of gratefulness is You. We consider ourselves blessed to be in the position of walking alongside you as you craft a vision for your future, working through the ups and downs of life along the way. We couldn’t do what we do without all the support from family, friends, business partners and Friday Brief readers! It takes a village, and, although we’re biased, we feel our village is the best.

The holiday season is an exceptionally wonderful time for some, and a uniquely challenging time for others. Our sincere hope is that, no matter where you are on that spectrum, you would find a sense of uncommon Joy and Peace during the waning days of 2014, and as 2015 breaks in. Please accept our very best wishes for you and yours, and, as Tiny Tim said, “God bless Us, Every One!”

A Haiku

Those in darkness, hear:
The sunrise shall visit us;
Light and Peace will reign


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Jared Korver
[email protected]

A product of small-town North Carolina (Carthage, to be exact), I’m proudly married to my best friend and co-adventurer, Amy. Together, we have two sons–Miles and Charlie–and could more or less start a library from our home. I love being outside, can’t read enough, am in the habit of writing haikus, and find food and coffee to be among life’s greatest treasures.