We are getting a lot of questions about things like the 'Trump Rally,' inflation, and owning bonds in the face of rising interest rates. These are all reasonable concerns given all the changes being openly discussed by the new administration and congressional policy makers. But aside from an unexpected and unprecedented victory like Mr. Trump's, markets, economists, and policy makers are reacting pretty much as they should.

Kids are expensive. They are amazing, and expensive. Expensive enough that all the [somewhat flawed] posts about how, if you start saving 15% of your income when you're 25 you'll have somewhere in the neighborhood of several millions of dollars when you retire--well, all that can kind of fly out the window if you're 30- or 40-something and finding it hard to save because of summer camps, and clothes, and food for a middle-school boy, and sports teams, and college tuition. So then you read all those other posts about how there's such a large retirement savings gap in the US, and then feel deflated and resigned to the fact that you'll be sitting at work for at least fifty more years.

This week's Brief comes to us from our good friend and like-minded colleague Russ Thornton, an Atlanta-based financial advisor. Russ is a thought leader in the area of financial planning, and puts out rock-solid content each week over at his website (and via an email which all of us subscribe to). His post this week on moving past rules of thumb and avoiding overly expensive products while still creating retirement income was spot on, so we decided to share it with you all! Take it away, Russ:

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