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Website Privacy and Security

We understand that privacy is an important issue for visitors to the Beacon Wealthcare’s Web site. Specifically, Web users are concerned about what information is being collected, how it’s being collected and how it is being used. The following information is designed to help you understand our Web site Privacy Policy.

Public Area Whenever you visit the public area of our site, we recognize you only by your domain name. We do not collect any personal information about you. IF you should choose to use one of the ‘Interactive Calculators’ in our Planning section, please note these calculators are for your information and use only; we do not store or acknowledge any data you should input.

Private Area As a registered user of our website, when you select the option to access your personal reports via your private portal, we will recognize you by your personal User ID and password. When your account is established, you will be given a temporary password via email and from there immediately prompted to change that password. Beacon does not have access to either your password, or the initial temporary password sent to you. You may change your password as often as you feel necessary.

To prevent password guessing, accounts are locked after 5 unsuccessful sign in attempts.

We will never disclose your personal information, or share it with any third party unless specifically instructed to do so by you.

If you would rather not have access to your reports on our Web site, please contact us and we will deactivate the information.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

When you access your financial data, we use a secure server to keep all of your personal information as secure as possible. The Transfer Layer Security (TLS ) protocol provides secure communications on the Internet by doing three things:

1. TLS encryption verifies that the server that you are communication with is the one it purports to be.

2. TLS creates a secure communication channel by encrypting all communication and viewing between the user and the server.

3. TLS conducts checks to verify data integrity between the server and the client (or user). TLS verifies that the entire message.

4.The software utilizes .NET session management for authenticating individual users and allowing permissions through the applications

In addition, we have an internal firewall in place, and monitor that we have the latest in virus protection. This approach helps ensure that your personal data remain safe and private. We will continue to implement security features in the future that will maintain the highest levels of secure data transmissions.

Use of Cookies

The site, like many web sites, uses “cookies” (information stored on your computer by your browser at our request). Cookies enable the site to ‘remember’ whom you are so that you can get navigate around it easier and more efficiently. We do not save any personal or sensitive information in our cookies.


Our Web site contains hyperlinks to other sites. Web sites we link to may have different privacy practices from the ones described here for Visitors and clients should read the privacy statements of other Web sites they visit. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by this Web site.

Electronic Message and E-mail Security

E-mail sent to Beacon Wealthcare from within our Web site is secured with the same Transfer Layer Security ( TLS) technology we use to transmit account reporting.

Logging Off

When you finish accessing your account, don’t forget to log off. This prevents someone else from accessing your account if you leave your computer and your session hasn’t “timed out”, or automatically shut down. We further recommend closing your browser for added security.

Identity Theft

As a matter of policy, Beacon Wealthcare LLC. seeks to prevent the theft or misappropriation and misuse of the identities and identifying information of its clients. In order to prepare this program, the firm has evaluated the risks of identity theft in connection with its investment advisory practice including the firm’s:

  • methods of opening client accounts;
  • methods for accessing client accounts; and
  • previous experience with identity

The principal risks of identity theft acknowledged by Beacon Wealthcare LLC. lie in the methods for accessing accounts and the acceptance of instructions for transfers out of an account for the payment of third party payees or otherwise.

Identification of Red Flags

From time to time, Beacon Wealthcare LLC. or its staff may receive indications that the identities of clients or investors may have been compromised, stolen or are otherwise at risk. It is critical that these “red flags” are recognized so that the firm can take appropriate measures to safeguard clients and investors and prevent the misappropriation and misuse of client or investor identities and assets.

Categories of red flags to consider include the following:

  • alerts, notifications or other warnings received from consumer reporting agencies or service providers, such as fraud detection agencies;
  • presentation of suspicious personal identifying information, such as suspicious address change;
  • unusual use of, or other suspicious activity related to an account, including, but not limited to:
  • unexplained or urgent requests for large transfers or payments to be made from the account to third parties;
  • telephone requests for urgent transfers from the client’s account on a unclear or poor connection, particularly where the client is unwilling to remain on the line or claims to be in a hurry;
  • Non-characteristic large withdrawals on a customer’s account via check to new payee:
  • Customer complains of a check or checks stolen from the mail and then deposited into an unknown account,
  • Existing customer with no history of check deposits has new sudden check deposits and withdrawal or transfer of funds,
  • requests to transfer funds from the client’s account to a new or recently opened bank account;
  • notice from clients or investors regarding unusual transfers or account activity, victims of identity theft, law enforcement authorities, or other persons regarding possible identity theft in connection with accounts held by Beacon Wealthcare LLC. client custodians;
  • consideration of new types of accounts and how clients access those accounts; and
  • any Beacon Wealthcare LLC. personnel becoming aware of red flags, suspicious activity or unusual transfer requests must promptly notify the CCO and/or other designated person(s) before taking any further action to facilitate a transfer from the client’s account (if applicable).

Any Beacon Wealthcare LLC. personnel becoming aware of red flags, suspicious activity or unusual transfer requests must promptly notify the CCO and/or other designated person(s) before taking any further action to facilitate a transfer from the client’s account (if applicable).

Detection of Red Flags

Beacon Wealthcare LLC. and its staff should be conscious of suspicious activity or transfer requests and actively seek to detect red flags in connection with the opening and maintenance of accounts.

Opening Accounts

With respect to the opening of client accounts, Beacon Wealthcare LLC. seeks to obtain appropriate identifying information about, and verification of the identity of, the client. In order to confirm client identities, when opening accounts, if a client is not known to us personally, a driver’s license must be shown to us. In addition, our custodian verifies the account information, including address, social security, and other vital information with outside official sources.

Transfer/Payment Requests and Address Changes

Beacon Wealthcare LLC. is also committed to monitoring transfers and transactions within client accounts and seeking to authenticate clients and client requests for transfers, whether such requests direct the transfer of funds from the client’s account to third party payees or to another account in the client’s name, particularly (though not exclusively) when the receiving client account was only recently opened and/or the request was received via email or other electronic communication.

Clients can login to view their transactions and accounts via a sign in they create using their personally information. All sites are secured. Only a request for a check being mailed to the name and address of record or a request to move funds via pre-authorized money movement to a bank account can be taken over the phone. All other requests (such as wire transfers, checks to an alternate address, etc), must be done in writing, with the signature being matched to what is on file, prior to processing. For third party wire transfers an additional phone call to a known number is done to confirm the request.

We are never authorized to process a wire transfer unless we have spoken to the client at a number known to us, and they have confirmed the instructions in writing and signed. We do not handle standing instructions for any wire transfers.

Should a client request that Beacon Wealthcare LLC. facilitate a transfer of monies from the client’s account to a new or different account held in the client’s name, the firm shall:

  • request written instructions with the client’s original signature requesting that Beacon Wealthcare LLC. update the wire instructions on file with the firm;
  • verify that written instructions submitted are from the client or other authorized signatory on the account;
  • seek to ensure that the signature on the written instructions match the signature on file with the firm; and
  • ensure the request is addressed to Beacon Wealthcare

Any request received (ostensibly) from a client to facilitate a transfer of monies from the client’s account to a third party payee, must undergo the same process set forth above and Beacon Wealthcare LLC. should seek to verify the request as set forth below. Similarly, any request for a change of address on a client’s account must be verified by Beacon Wealthcare LLC. before being processed.

Verifications are to be accomplished through direct contact with the client at the telephone number held on record with Beacon Wealthcare LLCc. Telephone contact with the client must be documented and is required regardless of whether the request for transfer or address change was received by email or telephone as a fraudster impersonating the client could have easily contacted the firm to make the request from a different phone number. When seeking verification at the client’s telephone number of record, should a client deny having requested the transfer, the Beacon Wealthcare LLC. employee having spoken to the client must immediately notify the CCO or other designated person(s).

Responding to Red Flags

To best protect our clients and investors and ensure that the firm responds in an appropriate manner to red flags and suspicious activity, all red flags and suspicious activity recognized or uncovered by personnel should be promptly reported to the CCO and/or other designated person(s).

When determining the appropriate response to red flags, Beacon Wealthcare LLC. will consider the degree of risk posed and aggravating factors that may heighten the risk of identity theft, such as a data security incident that results in unauthorized access to a client’s or investor’s account records held by the Beacon Wealthcare LLC. or other third party, or notice that a client has provided information to someone fraudulently claiming to represent Beacon Wealthcare LLC. or to a fraudulent website.

Appropriate responses may include the following, based on a consideration of the relevant facts and circumstances:

  • monitoring an account for evidence of identity theft;
  • contacting the client or investor;
  • contacting the account custodian;
  • temporarily requesting a freeze on any asset transfers from the account;
  • changing any passwords, security codes, or other security devices that permit access to the account;
  • reopening an account with a new account number;
  • not opening a new account;
  • closing an existing account;
  • notifying law enforcement and regulatory authorities; or
  • determining that no response is warranted under the particular

Oversight of Third-Party Service Providers

Our firm uses various service providers, including custodians and brokers in connection with our accounts. We have a process to confirm that relevant service providers that perform activities in connection with our accounts comply with reasonable policies and procedures designed to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft by contractually requiring them to have policies and procedures to detect Red Flags. Typically, we will request an effective identity theft prevention program implementation certification from each critical service provider (e.g., brokers, custodians, etc.) on an initial and annual basis.

Furthermore, when appropriate and to ensure that our firm’s identity theft prevention program is consistently implemented, we may require certain service providers who directly or indirectly participate in the identity theft prevention effort to agree not to take, without Beacon Wealthcare LLC.’s specific approval, actions such as the following:

  • not to change wire instruction;
  • not to direct any redemption proceeds to an account not listed in the original subscription document;
  • not to partition, retitle, or otherwise change any indicia of ownership of an investment or account (including changes purportedly for estate planning and domestic relations reasons); or
  • not to consent to liens or control agreements being placed on an investment

Updates and Approval

Beacon Wealthcare LLC.’s identity theft program shall be reviewed and approved in writing by senior management of the firm. Periodically, and at least yearly, the CCO and/or other designated person(s) shall review the program and present senior management with a report regarding the effectiveness of the program and any suggestions for improving the program based on changing or newly perceived risks, such as:

  • the experiences of Beacon Wealthcare LLC. with identity theft;
  • changes in the types of accounts that Beacon Wealthcare LLC. offers or maintains;
  • changes in methods used by fraudsters to perpetrate identity theft;
  • changes in methods to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft; and
  • changes in the business arrangements of Beacon Wealthcare LLC., including mergers, acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, and service provider


It is imperative that all personnel be familiar with the firm’s identity theft program and have a thorough understanding of his/her role and responsibilities in protecting our clients and investors. To this end, Beacon Wealthcare LLC. will conduct initial and annual training regarding its identity theft program to assist personnel to recognize and appropriately respond to and report red flags and other suspicious activity. Employees are encouraged to ask the CCO or other designated person(s) for clarification or additional information regarding the program in general or any suspicious activity in particular.


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