Great News!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Geoff Hall has joined our Beacon team as a wealth advisor. He comes to us from Commonwealth Financial Group. With sixteen years’ experience in the financial services industry as a Certified Financial Planner®  Geoff knew exactly what he was looking for in a Wealth Advisory firm. He talked to a dozen firms in the area; eight of them in depth before telling us emphatically that Beacon met or exceeded all of his client-focused criteria. It’s imporatant to mention that, contrary to the industry norm where ‘signing bonuses’ and financial incentives are commonplace and expected for moves, Geoff’s financial motives were exclusively focused on his clients.

We are also excited to announce the launch of our brand new website (where you now find yourself). Please take a look around. We designed our site to educate and answer questions both for our clients and for anyone considering our services. We hope it will speak clearly to you regardless of your investment knowledge or of whether you are right-brained or left-brained.

The first thing you may notice is it’s different. We don’t suggest through colorful pictures that  happiness and significance are necessarily found on a beach, or in a sailboat, or on a green line for that matter. You have your own ideas about what is important to you, so we built this site to meet you where you are and to communicate with you in a style and level of your choosing.

If you like stories, you can meet a few of our clients (anonymously) whose lives have been changed through our process. You will find their stories by clicking under the “Why We Do . . .”  or on the “Purpose” tab. New stories will appear occasionally to evidence the “Why” of our business. In fact, a major metric of our success is that of lives changed through our process.

If you tend to be logical and analytical, you can delve as deeply as you like under out “Process” tab or “What We Do” on the home page to get into the various aspects of our planning and management processes. There are three layers of detail beginning with a bullet point summary, detailed descriptions and presentations on particular topics, and finally with white papers where you will find as much statistical detail as you want. Note: This library is under construction and will grow in the coming days and weeks.

Like the white papers section, we have a complete library of our past Briefs, eventually going back to the Brief’s inception in June of 2001. If you are really bored or if you like putting things in perspective you can reminisce about the dot com crash, the war with Iraq, 911, Enron, or the like. Use our handy search tool in the right-hand banner of the site, or the bubble diagram in the right column of the Briefs section. The more times a tag appears in a Brief, the larger the word appears in the bubble diagram. Clicking on a word will bring up Briefs with that topic. Finally, you can click on the Category section to separate our  Briefs and White Papers as needed. Note: Briefs go back a couple of years. We will be adding them in the coming weeks.

Clients, you still have access through our secure server Login to all of your latest reports on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis as well as past Wealthcare plans. When you sign in, the site will direct you to our secure sever maintained behind our firewall and secured using state-of-the art 256K bit encryption.

Finally, please feel free, in fact we encourage you to send your comments and ideas for improvement. Also share our site and Briefs with your friends. There are several ways to do this by clicking on the Share Bookmark, Tweet, Like icons following each Brief. The Share Bookmark contains several options including your own email system to send links and comments.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think.  Have a great weekend.