Declare Your Independence from Financial Tyranny

Some 243 years ago the United States of America became a sovereign nation simply by declaring it, knowing all too well that the prospects of achieving it against the will of the most powerful nation on earth were infinitesimal. The men who signed that now-famous document faced being hanged for high treason, should the Continental Army and Navy fail to defend and win their new country’s independence.

Unmitigated audacity, against all odds – that’s what July 4th represents in this country. Since our beginning, Americans have been courageous, strong, and independent-minded, escaping the tyranny of Europe’s kings and institutions to build a better life for their families.

Today we Americans face different forms of tyranny that can seem just as oppressive. Being tied to the wrong job or career drains us when the right one inspires and empowers us to exceed our limits. Debts and committed expenses enslave us. The constant drone of market commentators causes many to worry about market ups and downs and the impact on their investments.

Others anguish over whether they’ve saved enough for retirement, or to educate the kids. Alternatively, those with plenty are consumed by the weight of managing it, rather than enjoying or sharing more through better understanding of how much surplus they have.

What if this Independence Day you decide to honor your bold forefathers and mothers by declaring your freedom from any financial worries that oppress you? Declare it, commit all your resources to a plan of action, persevere to see it through, and you will win your independence from it, even against what seems like impossible odds.

Let us help you win your independence from financial tyranny. We will put the odds in your favor.

Happy Independence Day!