Please check out our new website

For a couple of months now we have been busy at Beacon and will continue to be throughout the summer, as we work to improve existing services and add new ones for our clients and friends. Our brand new website is the first of several major roll-outs we expect to bring you in the coming weeks and months. Please take a look and tell us what you think. You can comment at the bottom of this page. We are listening and value your feedback.

During the early stages of our design process we learned from our experts Aaron and Josh that the average web surfer spends 15 seconds on a site. We appreciate that you give us more than 15 seconds, but message is not lost on us. You are busy and appreciate efficiency and clarity. We want to honor that.

As you scroll and click around we hope you will you will notice a much cleaner, less crowded display of information and easier ways to access it. We have refined our process description to make it more concise and easily to understand.

This summer we will be rolling out a number of new features designed to improve the convenience, clarity, and security of accessing your investment and planning information.

  • Our new client portal will offer secure information vaults for each of our clients and their trusted advisors. These vaults facilitate the secure placement and access of sensitive documents like reports, wills, tax returns, etc. without the hassle of emailing attachments secured with passwords that must be transmitted with additional effort. The vault becomes a convenient and secure way to quickly share vital information.
  • We will soon deliver an entirely new series of daily, monthly and quarterly reports designed to give you as much, or as little information as you desire as quickly and easily as possible. We can and will happily tailor our reports to your needs (including large type).
  • We are working on a mobile app to make it even easier to access your information and to stay in touch.
  •  We are adding two new technology platforms in the coming weeks which are designed improve our efficiency in our account monitoring, servicing, and rebalancing processes allowing us more time to spend with you. The idea is to eliminate to the extent possible any cracks to disrupt our service to you and your family.
  • Our Social Security Analysis has been very well received by our clients and prospective clients who have participated in the easy process. We have shown them how to improve the benefits in the tens and even hundreds of thousands.
  • This July we will add a new member to the Beacon team with CPA and tax experience from one of the big four accounting firms. We look forward to introducing you to him very soon.
  • We have also been very methodical in our efforts to strengthen and improve our relationships with the best tax, estate, and insurance professionals in and around Raleigh as resources to our clients when needed.

Finally, thank you so much for being a loyal reader of the Friday Brief. The call for brevity has not been lost on me in this endeavor either. Because we know you are busy, we will strive to keep the Friday Brief brief. 

Have a great weekend. But before you go, please post a comment to let us know what you think.