Jeb Bowie

Associate Financial Planner

In 2016, I showed up to NC State University as a freshman, ready to take on the world of engineering. Like many before, I was good at math and science, so naturally my way to serve society was as an engineer. I didn’t think to question this narrative until I had completed almost 2 years of college and was faced with the brutality of Thermodynamics. With grounds to take a step back, it became obvious the only enticing piece of engineering, to me personally, was the money.

Having left engineering behind and not knowing what was next, I was fortunate to have some role models come into my life who were financial advisors. These advisors detailed their careers of relational service, and I was sold.

That word, service, has become an important one to me as I consider what it means to give advice. The realm of our finances can be intensely overwhelming and at some point or another we all need some advice. Regrettably, the financial services industry is more likely to sell products that service the “advisor” rather than deliver real advice that serves the client’s best interests.

I’m excited to be a part of a Beacon team where service is reserved for the client. My desire is to serve clients as they navigate complicated topics of retirement, school, major purchases, career, family, charity, investments and the myriad of other topics that comprise meaningful advice.

Born in Easley, SC, my family moved up the road to Greensboro, NC in 2007. I came to Raleigh as a student at NC State and stayed to take part in the Fellows program at Church of the Apostles. I love to play sports, enjoy a meal with friends, and spend time with my fiancé Morgan, who I met in the Fellows program.